There are several business plan formats that can be used to explain your business idea & needs to potential lenders or investors. Most business plans tend to ask for the same kind of core information. Following are tools that may help in providing a guide to preparing your business plan (either for a new business or an existing business).
  • Business Planning Tools As part of the Canada-Ontario Business Service site, Business Planning tools are available. These tools step you through the business planning process, enabling you to develop a plan to use when starting discussions with local banks, the local Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) or others. 
  • Business Development Bank of Canada This site provides a summary of the financial/loan products available through the Business Development Bank of Canada. In addition, the site also provides information on various business topics. They also offer a Business Planning tool, which can be used as a starting point for their loan products or another example of an on-line business-planning tool.
It is also noted that most of the major commercial banks & credit unions also provide on-line business planning tools. Visit their sites if interested in their products/services or business assistance tools. As well, many accounting offices can provide assistance and information related to business planning.

If considering making an approach to the Bruce CFDC for a small business loan, please contact us to discuss business plan information needs and other loan consideration factors.