Community Economic Development is the practice of identifying local issues, developing strategies and implementing local solutions to enhance community economic health and prosperity. CED extends beyond business financing and business counseling. It encompasses working with a broad spectrum of the community to identify barriers to development and develop strategies to take advantage of opportunities. It also requires that an action plan be implemented to move forward on priorities. This process of strategic planning is a first step in effective CED.

The Bruce Community Futures Development Corporation (Bruce CFDC) is actively involved with local interest groups responsible for making decisions about economic growth. We assist with:

  • effective and regular communication between business, government and community groups
  • effective and regular communication between business, government, and community groups
  • properly maintained infrastructure
  • access to training and development opportunities
  • community enthusiasm and commitment

How can Bruce CFDC CED help you?

The Bruce CFDC can assist with the following:

  • Research project planning and research activities
  • Strategic planning and visioning
  • Facilitation (developing a vision, goals, objectives, and timelines)
  • Research to secure funding and proposal writing
  • Provide recommendations on CED opportunities
  • Act as liaison between local organizations, business and representatives of government and industry