Noted below are three sites to government programs that either directly offers funding for eligible CED initiatives, or offer links to government programs and services that should be explored when considering CED initiatives. It is noted that there are many other government programs and services that can be accessed to assist with business & community development. The following are just a sample:

  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
    OMAFRA has recently announced the “Rural Economic Development Program” (RED). This five-year initiative is designed to promote and foster rural economic development. Funding is available for specific projects designed to diversify local economies, retain long-term jobs in the area, promote strategic & co-ordinated regional approaches to development, stimulate new markets and export development or develop information, tools & resources to enhance rural economic development.
  • Rural Secretariat (Canada) This site is part of the Agriculture Canada federal website. The Rural Secretariat provides information about issues of particular concern to rural Canadians. This specific address offers a review of federal programs and services that may be of interest to rural Canadians and rural communities.
  • Trillium Foundation Trillium Foundation is part of the provincial government array of programs and services. This program is intended to foster the enhancement of communities. This site provides information related to the various grant programs it has to support community health.
** The above sites reflect only a small number of the programs and services that can help with Community Economic Development. To explore other government programs that can help with business & community economic development, please refer back to the premier federal site and the provincial-federal site . As well, a visit to the federal government and provincial government homepages will offer other links that may be of interest.